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Digital Door Lock

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Smart card register type.
Safe use with registered smart card impossible to be rep
roduced or forged.

Multiple use of password & smart card.
Use the smart key or password without key.
Register function of watch, credit card & mobile phone with smart function.
No need extra key it carrying registered mobile phone, credit card or watch with smart card function.

Automatic recognition of smart key.
Automatically recognize the key by getting close without pressing the start button.
Anti-collision function.
Smart card can be recognized without collision even thou
gh many cards pilled up in the purse.

Intruder alarm function.
Burglar alarm sound it the door is opened by force or unusual method.
Manual & Automatic re-locking selection.
Door locking can be simply selected to manual or automatic mode.

Sound ON/OFF selection.
If necessary, opening or closing sound of door can be selected on/off. 
Internal/external dual locking function.
Extra safety by using dual locking interned/external.

Backlighting system.
This feature allows you to see the keypad in low light or dark conditions thanks to self-illumination of the buttons.
Battery replacement timing alarm function.
Light flashes with an alarm sound to let user know when the battery is running low.

Automatic locking by sensor.
This function will lock the door after being closed. The users do not have to bother locking the door after opening.
Solid & sleek design.
Sleek design and solid material as die casting.

Indoor FM remote controller.
Door can be opened/closed anywhere in a house because
of wide operation distance

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